domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


Have you heard the expression “Give me a sheep, I'll make you a sweater” well if you still haven’t forgave (and forgotten) season 6, these wise words were said by Season 6 contestant Gordana Gehlhausen. So for this week the designers have been send for a field trip into a place “a little out there” and it is not the moon, it is just a FARM outside New York where Tim Gunn is waiting. The challenge is: to catch a sheep, removes the sheep's wool and make an outfit for their models…very easy right? So let see how the designers did it because these animals could be a little bit dangerous…watch out ping!!!

Ouuuu….it seems like Ping is officially OUT of the competition, but we all see that coming, so. Sheep’s: 1, Designers: 0

…On the other hand Jesse seems to be doing it just fine, I wonder if he learn that at Disneyland, Well done Jess!!! That’s a good thing about actors they are prepared for almost every rol…

Designer remember you have 30 minutes to sketch, so Janeane can you show us what you've been drawing the last minutes...

Tim Gunn: Remember use the wool wisely…

Enough of this shit. Let see how the tings actually were. Tim Gunn is in a farm with the 15 models, each one of them are wearing a popato sack, the challenge is to create a party look for their models from a burlap popato sack. They also are allowed to use some ribbons and bottoms but that’s it.

I like and love this type of challenges because it pushes the designers to be more creative and this time we got the chance to watch very interesting garments so I got to say I'm not bored, it seems than there are some real talent here , FINALLY!!!

So let’s see how they did it, first with the winner look and then the 3 looks I like:

Now let see the ones that should stay with the burlap instead of this crap:


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