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Best Dressed Women

Por mucho, mi favorita de la noche fue Anne Hathaway in this strapless Armani Prive gown, sparkling with sequin and paillette*. Y lo que mas me gusto fue su actitud, Anne looks so natural, comfortable, stylish, elegant moviendose en la alfombra roja like a true walking piece of art.
Penelope Cruz utilizo a vintage Balmain strapless gown, cubierto en tulle, formando una enorme cascada with lace detail. So classic and so beautiful like the old Hollywood Glam.
I love Sarah Jessica Parker when she wears these puffy disney ballerina princess sweeping dresses, from Dior Haute Couture, with tulle and sequin details, en un color que ella misma describio como “barely mint” (casi menta), she looks absolovely Beautiful.
Otra de mis favoritas fue Natalie Portman en un vestido color purpura Diseñado por las hermanas Rodarte, (love the color) with criss-crossing straps interspersed all over in between. Colourful, safe, to me it just looks perfect for her petit body.
Worst dressed women

You all know how much I love Heidi, a pesar de que por segundo año consecutivo no entiendo cual es exactamente su participación en la ceremonia ¿?, Heidi Klum utilizo un vestido inspirado en el antiguo arte del origami del diseñador Roland Mouret. El problema es que los pliegues y los cortes aquí y allá, dejando la pierna descubierta, terminan por ser tan confusos, que se sale de todas proporciones. It is not exactly bad, it's just overcomplicated, sorry Heidi, but you’re out this time.
No entiendo estos vestidos estilo sirena. Y menos si vienen en combinación dorado con negro, to distracting and not tasty at all !!! This only shows Beyonce lack of style and I did actually think that she looks more like a chinesse flower pot than a mermaid.
I understand Tilda Swinton as a serious actriz, but she completely lost me every time she presents to the red carpet.
Is that even a drees !!!! WTF is that !!! Jessica Biel utilizo este modelito strapless de la marca Prada, palido, aburrido it looks like if she grabs a piece of fabric, and wrap it around her doby and hide justin timberlake under her.

Best dressed men

A men always dresses like a gentelman. Aquí están los 4 mejores ejemplares de la Noche: Brad Pittthe superstars look”, Robert Downey, Jr.the million bucks look”; classic black tux, simple black satin tie, and a welcome surprise on the red carpet. Daniel Craigthe modern men look” He just looks so spectacular on this Tom Ford suit, so stylish, so confident so fucking handsome, and of course Hugh Jackmanthe actman look”.

Worst dressed man

Dos cosas parecían ser seguras durante la premiación acerca de Mickey Rourke 1) que ganaría el oscar como mejor actor por la cinta “The Wrestler”, y 2) que su atuendo seria el más extravagante de la noche. But then Sean Penn won the oscar and know I feel terrible about Rourke and that awful white suit and black vest with chain detail del diseñador John Paul Gaultier. Rourke mantuvo su estilo, but againg, this is the oscars and you need to be up to the level.
The young and the restless

Every single photo of Dev Patel is saying “I having the greates time of life” and boy he did. The Slumdog star looks so great and so adorable in his, black tuxedo from Burberry.

To me Zac Efron es uno de los chicos mas guapos y talentosos de Hollywood. (Did I said talelented ¿?) I also thik than Zac’s hair is almost 90% percent of his personallity. So what call my attention here, was not his shrunken and too tide Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo, but was going on with that hair.

I admit it, the vampire I hate the most looks devastatingly handsome in a classic black tux on the red carpet. He play by the rules, he wear the bow tie, the traditional peaked lapel jacket, plus his hear looks good. He did a good job.


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